He's off the cross and in the Bronx, with no idea how or why he's been projected into 2018. So before he can think about saving anyone else, he'll have to save himself. A dark, half-naked man named Yeshua wakes up in a dirty New York City alley. Last thing he knew, he was dying rather painfully in a bizarre plan his dad dreamed up to save humanity. Everything he encounters in the 21st Century is terrifying, but he's nothing if not adaptive. People seem to want to help him. Is it his natural goodness and charisma, or the fact that he's undeniably... Hot? By the end of the pilot episode, he can speak English, he's an object of more than one person's affection, and he has a fake ID: Joshua Cohen from Rego Park, Queens. But... WTF? How and why did he get here? Is it some kind of cosmic test or has he gone nuts? And how exactly is he supposed to handle daily life? Working? Falling in love? Sex? Never mind meeting the sister he never knew he had, who may or may not be the Devil. What would Jesus do? Hell if he knows. PILOT SCRIPT & SEASON OUTLINES AVAILABLE c. 2019